Agassi does not know if he will come to us

Prague. They are able to count 30 grandslam titles in doubles, 167 tournament prizes, over $ 52 million in prizes. The best-known sporting couple Andre Agassi and Steffi Grafová visited Prague for one day yesterday. In the exhibition with domestic tennis players Jiří Novák, Jana Novotná and Hanna Mandlíková they filled the O2 arena.

“The body is no longer the way it used to be, but I am still sporting and keeping up in shape,” a 22-time winner of a big four-day tournament told a news conference. Only Australian Court (24) won more. Steffi Graf keeps a fresh figure as during her career. “And I do not even have to sport. It’s enough to run around the kids. “

With their husbands, they were replenished with their husbands. They acted freely, they often laughed.Graf ended her career in 1999, when he and Agassim had previously triumphed on Roland Garros, and their love story was over. Photo – CTK

Andre ended up after health problems seven years later. “My back now hurts, if I play two days in a row. Tennis for one day, it is still possible, “said the tennis idol. The family lives in Las Vegas, nine-year-old son Jaden Gil and seven-year-old Jaz Elle have the idea to inherit tennis genes.

The only one is Golden Slam

Graf has won the Golden Slam as the only tennis player in history. She also added Olympic gold to the four Grandslam prizes in 1988. “Ah, it was a year,” said the native of Mannheim, Germany. “I was young, full of strength. And everything went perfectly into it.At the Olympics, I felt no pressure, I went to watch other sports. And in the best year of my career was the Czech coach Pavel Složil, who once said: “I did not know a more prolific player. Her training pace would not hold out a lot of guys. “

Agassi was in Prague for the first time, but he played in the Czech Republic. In October 1998, he triumphed in a million tournament in Ostrava. “I played with Ján Krošlák in the final. I did not even know him. He competed in the main competition, “he returned to the tournament thirteen years ago.

“He was bothering me on the court, playing really well. I thought this guy would soon get to the top 10.Then I did not hear about him. “The former Slovakian representative played his best tournament in Ostrava, at 173rd ATP rankings. Highest he got to 54th place.

Two years ago, Agassi made a stir in the tennis world with his book Open. In the open, he explains the positive result of the doping test for methamphetamine and talks about deception when he claims he accidentally sipped his assistant’s soda and used the cloth unknowingly.

No punishment.He also described drugs in the book, which he tried in a difficult period of life. “I’m sorry I wrote the book,” he said in Prague. “I have already been behind my career and I wanted my lessons to be a lesson for young players and parents.” Photo – CTK Agassi and Grafova promised to attend the October exhibition in Bratislava, but they have retired in the past month that they will be coming this year . “I do not know if my calendar is also Slovakia. I do not know details at this moment, “the American replied. According to the organizer of the Tennis Classic Romana Šmotláka, the negotiations with Agassi’s management are still ongoing and the arrival of a married couple in the autumn of Slovakia is open.