Bedard does not have to go to the lattice

it threatened her ten years in jail but escaped with the condition. The double Olympic winner of Lillehammer 1994 Myriam Bedard, after two weeks spent in prison during the last Christmas holidays, back to the cell does not.

The Quebec Court of Canada’s former biathlete partly acquitted of kidnapping his own daughter. She gave her only a two-year suspended sentence, but Bedard had to surrender passport and agree to be supervised by psychologists.

All this for the former star of world biathlon last December without the knowledge of her husband went with twelve daughter from Quebec to Maryland, where she held two months in one of the indigenous luxury hotels.Breached the contract by post-divorce custody.

“We asked for the absolute abolition of capital. It failed, but the client is relieved. A long lawsuit ended and she remained at liberty, “said the court’s decision for the Montreal Gazette newspaper Bedard’s lawyer John T. Pepper.

The judge described the testimony JeanClaude Beaulieu accused before the court at unbelievable. “One does not have to be a doctor or a psychologist to see that you need help.If I sent you to jail, would not bring you anything positive, “said the first Canadian woman who managed to win a biathlon World Cup competitions.

At the premiere women’s biathlon Olympic rings below (Albertville 1992) caught up with bronze.

At first Bedard life brides have trouble. But then he divorced Jean Paquet (also a former biathlete) and made the problems even at work. Just Bedard, who at the time worked as a marketing consultant railway company Via Rail launched an avalanche, which came to light in illegal sponsoring companies. “They forced me to leave because I was doing did not want to participate,” vytrúbila in the world.Many of its actions frustrate huge profits.

Bedard then labeled in the media as a victim dragged into a political scandal. After losing a dispute over ex-husband’s daughter Maud, conspiring with Iranian refugees Nimom Mazar. He had to flee the country after he was accused of stealing the picture worth 100 thousand Canadian dollars.

In court Bedard of Mazar claimed that they moved to America to escape the bureaucratic terrorism Canadian authorities.In October last year took them from the “trip” and 12ročnú Maud.

Ex-husband Jean, whom the court entrusted the education of his daughter, waited a moment, but then contacted Interpol and the Bedard on Dec. 8 issued an arrest warrant. Two weeks later the girl appeared.

Maud has not managed to sit with his father for Christmas table. Bedard went to prison and until this week did not know whether there will have to return.