Kuznetsov: I was sure I would win

Before the final, she was blushing in the wardrobe, but she was not laughing at the end of the day. Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova is already a double grandslam champion after defeating Dinara Safin in the French Open today.

The trophy took over the winner Roland Garros six-year-old Steffi Graf.

German star Kuznetsova She admired, but she has never met her personally. “Before the final I met her in the dressing room and blushed.She was very happy to give me the winning trophy, she added.

Kuznetsova, who often jokes in her dressing room and is very communicative “I’m still in a certain eclipse, even though I went to the court convinced that I will win,” she said at an official press conference, “I have a lot of emotions in it, but I still have not let them out,” she admitted

It’s just the emotion and the psyche decided the final duel.The seventh deployed Kuznetsov defeated Safin in a very nervous manner, with whom she has been a friend for twelve years. “Once here you will definitely win, you are a great tennis player,” congratulated the Petrograd colleague.

Safin has lost only twice on clay this year but always with Kuznetsova. “I used to play hard against her because we are so well known, but I learned it,” said the winner. Kuznetsova won her second grandslam title after five years of waiting. She won the US Open in New York for the first time in 2004. “I worked patiently for this moment and it’s not good luck.Even though I did not expect it to be here this year, I played with my heart and I have the title of my favorite tournament, “she said.

Kuznetsov comes from a cycling family, her famous coach is Alexandr Kuznetsov And Mother Galina is six times world champion and world record holder on the track.Even brother Nikolai was at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. She was a member of the silver fighter squad.

But Kuznetsov made her tennis and at 13 she went to Barcelona. “He was such a funny girl,” Safin reminded her before the final. “I remember playing a two-liter bottle of the bike, and you said,” She can never win grandslam, “but she’s gotten bigger and bigger,” Safin added. In the dressing room she quickly put on and dressed in a winning white jacket. In Paris, she still shoots traditional photos, but on Sunday’s men’s finals and Roger Federer she admires, she is no longer looking.

“I’m rushing to Moscow.I was not there for two months and I’m looking forward to home, “she said.