Spotáková won the sixth place in Rome, the South Bohemian winner in the eighth premiere

Sparrow barbora Barbora Spotakova has opened a season after a fractured bones fractured sixth place at the Diamant League meeting in Rome. With a total of 59.82 meters, it confirmed its Olympic limit last year. The second Czech representative in Italian metropolis Radek Juška won the eighth place at the Diamond Championship premiere at the 777 cm distance from the third series.

The Sunset Viljoen South African winner won the 61.95 by three centimeters Defeated Latvian Madara Palameika.”I did not disappoint Rome, although I’m sorry I was not among the four, because I think that if it were to throw the old system , I would add more meters in the next three attempts, “said Spotakova.

“I’m glad to have a limit on Rio, but maybe I waited more, but my assumption was 60 meters. I feel good about the health,” she assured.

It was confirmed that her pregnancy despite her legs It was not bad. “I believe I’m on the right track. I threw from a start I had never tried before, almost sixty feet, which made me believe that the improvement would definitely come.I am looking forward to other races, “added the javelin waiting for Josef Odložil Monday Memorial and the weekend of the Czech Championship in Tábor on Monday in Prague.

The tracked men’s race that was not part of the Diamant Leagues, won the American Justin Gatlin for 9.93 and a hundredth to improve this year’s maximum but the victory had to fight, the other was a hundredth back his countryman Ameer Webb, who improved the personal record of nine hundreds.

The world record for the 5,000-meter run was unsuccessfully attempted by Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia, while Tirunes Dibaba had a lead on most of the time, but at the end she lost and at 14: 12,59 she was behind the maximum by 1.44 seconds.She has ranked at least second in the history of the tables against another Mesopotamian Mesopotamos Defar.

The 400-meter hurdles race, which Zuzana Hejn won twice, won Jamaica Janeive Russell, who improved the best time in the world In the current season at 53.96 seconds.

This year’s great form was confirmed by South African cross-country woman Caster Semenya. Eighth in the fourth start of the year again clearly won and in time 1: 56,64 equalized its own best world performance of the year.

Men :

200 m (wind +0, 6 m / s): 1. Webb (USA) 20.04, 2. Brown (Canada) 20.24, 3. Edward (Pan.) 20.25

400 m: 1 Van Niekerk (JAR) 44,19, 2.

1500 m: 1. Manangoi 3: 3.96, 2. Biwott (both Kenya) 3:34 , 21, 3. Gregson (Austr.) 3: 34,27.

110 m (+0,6): 1. Ortega 13,22 2. Martinot- Lagarde (Fr.) 13,29, 3. Pozzi (Brit.) 13,37

3000 m: 1. Kipruto 8: 01,41, 2. Birech 8: 11,39 , 3. Koek (all Kenya) 8: 14,46.

Height: 1. Bondarenko (Ukr.) 233, 2. Grabarz (Brit.) 230, 3. Tamberi (It. .

Long: 1. Rutherford (Brit.) 831, 3. Goodwin (USA) 819, 3. Lapierre (Austr.) 818,…8.

< Fr.) 9.99.