The exact fly was not enough, the points kept running

Marek Matiaško in the first round of Ostersund and in the third round in Hochfilzene scored all ten goals at the start of the race, not enough to score on the score of thirty. He finished in 34th place in Sweden, 37th in Austria, although he was less than half a minute behind the winning Nemes Greis.

“It would be enough for me tonight. The world is accelerating, “said the elders of Matthew’s brothers. Marek was fifth in the Turin ZOH in the endurance race. That’s why he is expecting him to be in the new season.

“I’m sorry I’m still without a point. The preparation was not bad, the financial conditions improved after signing the contract with the new sponsor. Even skis can not do that, I just have not figured out.I have never been too proud in December, but I was expecting it to be a bit better. However, the two previous locations in the first forty-eight indicate that it may not be so bad, “says a 29-year-old biathlete from Pravenca.

The black-break pressure has escalated from racing to racing. “In the third round in Hochfilzene, where we ran instead of the canceled Osrblia, the nervousness was obvious. No points still came. In my opinion, because there was not much training at home. I’m guessing on the holidays, although preparing for the next round is not ideal. Snow does not exist. Šturc, Donovaly have already closed the ski skis, so I chose after seventeen years to go to the winter stadium. Skate.I was worried about an hour, now I’m totally down, “said Marek Matiaško.

The head of the Slovak biathlon, Juraj Sanitro, is also disappointed from the scratch.

“I thought they would definitely get some kind of preparation after that. I have already instructed the trainers to analyze the reasons why they did not. We will definitely be critical to the athletes, and we are going to take some measures, including adjusting the training plans. And everybody has to look for a bug in himself, nowhere else. “

While the men are still in a weaker run, the women, according to Sanitro, are particularly struggling to shoot.

“Although the relay last time in Hochfilzene I was amazed.

I was pleasantly surprised by Halinárová (32.The place of the sprinter in Hochfilzene is still the Slovak peak of the season – Ed.). For how little contact she had with the snow so far, she went very well and Gerek showed up. I hope that in January, and especially in February, when the world championship program in the Italian Anterselve is still going to be picked up. “

A two-kilometer circuit in Osborne should help. “I’m just going to look over there. Now it is zero, but it was frosty in the morning. It was minus eight, so we want to spray artificial snow to where to train. online bet Everyone already has a lot of traveling, so we would be more than happy to be able to prepare for the next round of the World Cup. “

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